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Observations and Conversations - March 28, 2014 | Yes, retailers are closing stores and yes, there?s a lot of vacant space that still needs to be absorbed, but the retail apocalypse is about as certain as a zombie invasion... more>>>
Observations and Conversations - February 21, 2014 | Supermarket, soft goods and home-related chains are optimistic and back to opening stores. 2014 should be a very good year! ... more >>>
State of the Industry: ICSC New York National Conference Edition | Tenants continue to expand, new developments are going up, and the outlook is generally hopeful. Last year?s survey contained its share of positive accounts from real estate experts across the board. This year, based on responses from our annual survey... more >>>
Observations and Conversations | It's a wonderful time of the year to be in New York and the buzz about the convention is getting loud. I think attendance will be high and throw in the number of people without badges working in the lobby of the hotels... more >>>
2013 ICSC NY National Conference Conference A-List! | View information about companies that will be at the ICSC NY National Conference, like Ascena Retail Group, Children of America, Excess Space, RD Management, and Winick Realty Group. ... more >>>

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May 18-20 | Las Vegas, NV
ICSC TN/KY Idea Exchange
July 9-10 | Nashville, TN
ICSC New England IDEX
July 29-31 | Boston, MA
ICSC Florida Conference
August 24-26 | Kissimmee, FL


TVI, Inc. trades as Savers, Value Village and Village Des Vilaurs at 345 locations nationwide and in Canada and Australia. The stores, offering discounted general merchandise, occupy spaces of 20,000 sq.ft. to 40,000 sq.ft. in freestanding locations, endcaps and inline spaces of shopping centers. Growth opportunities are sought throughout the existing markets during the coming 18 months... more >>>


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